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One of the most effective tools in fixing an annoying overbite or teeth that are misaligned are braces! This successful treatment is a great solution to realigning your smile and improving your dental health. It is adjustable not only for children but for adults as well, allowing people at any age to get the best out of their smile. This is especially important when it comes to chewing and speaking. Dr. William D. Ledford and our professional team want to help you get a smile that functions properly and looks great.

This may seem like an intimidating process, but the application of braces is quite simple. First, polishing paste is put on the tooth to clear away any particles or plaque buildup. This is to help prevent any future decay or infections underneath the brackets which are placed on the tooth next. They are bonded onto the enamel where metal bands are then placed and form the arch of your smile. Rubber bands of your preferred color (colorful or clear) are placed on top to keep the metal band in place.

Discomfort may be a result of your teeth adjusting to the pressure, but this is completely normal when first getting braces and coming back in for readjustments. This part of the process is occurring because your smile isn’t used to your teeth being moved into a different position. If the pressure is overwhelming, be sure to contact our dental team in Kansas City, Missouri.

To avoid decay, infections, or plaque buildup, thoroughly clean your braces every day. This will not only prevent these from occurring, but will keep on the time track your orthodontist previously scheduled. If there is a fix needed, the process will take longer since your braces will probably need to be taken off. Give Blue Stream Dental a call at 816-569-9787 to schedule an appointment or consultation today for your best smile!