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Every year, sports mouth guards can prevent more than 200,000 oral injuries, according to the American Dental Association. If you enjoy playing sports, we encourage you to wear a protective oral appliance to protect your smile from serious harm during game or performance. A sports mouth guard acts as a cushion for the teeth, jaws and gums to prevent serious oral injury by absorbing any hard hits.

Sporting activities of any kind merit the use of a mouth guard to provide appropriate smile protection. This includes soccer, football, tennis, basketball, and even non-contact sports such as dance and gymnastics. A sports mouth guard stops a hit to the face with a ball or elbow from potentially fracturing, breaking, displacing or knocking out a tooth, as well as prevent a bad bite to lips and cheeks or fracture in the jaw.

There are many options for sports mouth guards. You can find a basic mouth guard at your local sporting goods stores, which is very cheap but only offered in three different sizes. A boil and bite mouth guard can be molded to your teeth after being soaked in hot water. However, the most comfortable mouth guard that offers a great fit without impairing speech or breathing is a custom-made sports mouth guard. You can receive a custom appliance from our dentist when you visit Blue Stream Dental .

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