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At times, the molars or premolars can develop large cavities that prompt Dr. William D. Ledford and our team to provide restorative dentistry to preserve the overall oral health. Symptoms such as tooth sensitivity and discomfort mean you should see the dentist as soon as possible to prevent a complex situation.

A cavity that is still moderate in severity may be able to be repaired with a dental inlay or dental onlay to preserve the tooth.

Typically, dental inlays and onlays are made with a porcelain material to help them blend with your smile, and the size and location of a cavity determine which you may receive. Dental inlays are placed on the tooth’s biting surface, while dental onlays extend over the biting surface to repair decay on the sides of the tooth as well.

However, you may need more extensive treatment if the tooth enamel is largely decayed or you have lost a large dental filling. If the remaining tooth can’t support a new dental filling, we may need to place a dental crown by removing the rest of the tooth enamel and turning the tooth into an abutment. A dental lab will then provide the custom dental crown.

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