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Your oral health and your overall health are closely linked. Because of the relationship between your teeth and your body, you will need to assess any issues that you may have with your physical health and how they relate to your teeth and gums. One such condition that can cause issues with your smile is diabetes.

Diabetes is a condition in which your body’s ability to process sugar is disrupted. Several physical ailments are associated with diabetes. Furthermore, if you are suffering from diabetes, it can cause problems for your oral health, and you should let your dentist know about your diagnosis and any medications you are taking. Seeing your dentist for routine dental checkups is essential to ensure that you maintain a healthy mouth. For example, gum disease can change your blood sugar level and complicate your diabetes and your dentist will be able to spot and treat gum disease early. If any complications should arise, let your dentist right away. You should also let your dentist know the name and number of your primary care physician so they can consult with one another about your care.

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