Do you want a virtually undetectable way to straighten your teeth in less than a fraction of the time it takes with traditional braces? At Blue Stream Dental , we are pleased to offer MTM® Clear•Aligners to correct slight misalignments and that advance your teeth into an optimal position. There are several advantages to this clear aligner, which include:

  • Less time and cost
  • Virtually invisible
  • More comfortable
  • Less risk of cavities, due to difficulty with cleaning
  • No metal
  • Individually customized to fit right

You may wonder if you are a good fit with the MTM Clear•Aligner. If you are dealing with conditions that may hamper your ability to smile well or chew properly, you may benefit from a clear aligner. These conditions are:

  • Crowding – not enough space between teeth, which results in teeth overlapping
  • Gaps in your smile or spacing – a condition where there is too much space between teeth, which can affect chewing
  • Tipping – occurs when teeth tilt at an inward or outward angle, or lean forward or backward; this can cause other teeth to incorrectly shift, resulting in crowding and an improper or “off” bite.
  • Rotation – happens when teeth are turned clockwise or counterclockwise, which can lead to tooth decay
  • Intrusion/extrusion – an issue that results in teeth sitting too high or too low, causing an increase in tooth decay and poor oral hygiene
  • Midline discrepancy – results in center of the upper and lower teeth not being aligned, which can be indication of an improper bite, leading to pain

Of course, when you speak with our dentist, he can determine if this appliance is the best fit for you.  We invite you to contact us today at 816-569-9787 to set up your appointment with Dr. William D. Ledford. We look forward to your call and hope to correct your misalignment with MTM Clear•Aligners in Kansas City, Missouri.