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If you have recently had a tooth extraction and would like a replacement, read further to learn about the benefits of a dental bridge. Note that our dentist may recommend a bridge for several reasons, so contacting us to discuss the issue is a great first step.

At the office of Blue Stream Dental , we typically place a dental bridge to close any gaps in your smile, and restore the functionality of your teeth. When you contact Dr. William D. Ledford, he can discuss with you the process of getting a dental bridge; and once the choice of receiving one is made, we can customize a dental bridge to look as natural as your own teeth. There are many benefits to getting a bridge, which includes saving a damaged tooth. Instead of extracting it, we may suggest getting a dental bridge in Kansas City, Missouri, since keeping your natural teeth is the ideal solution.

There may be several reasons why we may recommend getting a bridge; one reason may be due to severe decay and damage to a tooth or several teeth, which may involve or have already involved a tooth extraction. The bite can be off and prevent you from using your teeth as intended. A bridge can be attached to healthy teeth on each side of the missing tooth/teeth, and help restore your chewing capabilities, spaces between teeth, and help correct an off-bite.

The benefits of getting a dental bridge include, maintaining your normal face shape, preventing remaining teeth from shifting positions, restoring your smile, filling the spaces left by missing teeth, and the ability to upgrade from removable dentures. It’s our hope that you will contact us at 816-569-9787 and allow our dentist to restore your chewing abilities and smile!