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While white is the preferred color of beautiful teeth, the color of your teeth can tell you things about the health of your smile. Today we are going to take a look at the different colors that might show up on your teeth and why.

What is happening when your teeth have:

Yellow-Brown/Dark Brown Stains: these colors can arise when you habitually down drinks such as soda, wine, coffee or tea. This tinting arises because of the interaction between the substance with the calculus (hardened plaque) on the tooth. When plaque is allowed to build up, it can make your teeth look dull. This tint also arises from using tobacco in any form, over time.Your teeth can also turn brownish with age, also injured baby teeth can also cause brownish tooth stains when your permanent teeth erupt.

Green Stains: This tint arises mostly on children’s teeth, thanks to either exposure to copper, nickel or mercury, or if they have fluorescent bacteria and fungi. Specific blood diseases can also create these stains.

Orange Stains: These stains occur around the gum line because of chromogenic (photographic) bacteria or food buildup. This is most notably prevalent in children who aren’t brushing.
Bluish-Gray Stains: This tint happens inside the tooth because of medications, such as tetracycline, which can also occur if an expectant mom takes it during pregnancy.

Black Stains: These occur on the tooth’s surface, and can show up as a black line on the front teeth. This tint can occur from taking iron supplements or mouthwashes that have the chemical chlorhexidine in them.

White Spots: This occurs because of fluorosis, which comes from exposure to too much fluoride. The stains appear as splotches or lines on the teeth.

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